$1 million for a suggestion box?

Under the heading of “Why didn’t we think of this?” comes OwnerListens, an anonymous online suggestion box which has already raised over $1 million in funding. OwnerListens lets customers anonymously communicate suggestions to store owners. And it has a built in viral quality to it – customers can leave feedback for any business, even oneContinue Reading

This little secret can make you a lot of money

If you want to sell a lot of products, you’ve got to know the pain that keeps your customers up at night. What is it that’s driving them to distraction? What are they willing to pay to fix? Common advice is to create a questionnaire on Survey Monkey, and that’s a good tool. The problemContinue Reading

The Magic Headline Formula

Sometimes simple is just plain better, as recently demonstrated by the Info Marketing Blog. You already know that the right headline can positively make your campaign, while the wrong headline can doom it from the onset. That’s why copywriters always tell you to test headlines until you find the one that converts the best. ButContinue Reading

Your New Mantra

Here’s something to tell yourself next time you’re agonizing over… anything. Done is better than perfect. Done is better than perfect. Done is better than perfect. It’s better to get it done and move on to the next thing than to try to get it perfect, especially in the beginning of any new project. ActionContinue Reading

Story Telling Makes Money

Tell Stories. Imagine a subscriber is on 10 emails lists. 9 of those lists are a constant bombardment of “BUY THIS!” But the owner of the 10th list tells stories. In fact, every email s/he sends contains a story, even if it’s still selling something. Which emails will get opened and read? And who willContinue Reading

#1 Asset to build your online business

That’s Right! Your most valuable asset is your customer list. Not your prospect list, your customer list – people who have spent at least a dollar with you. Do everything you can to grow this list, because once someone trusts you enough to hand you a dollar, they’ll hand you $50. And once they handContinue Reading

Super fast product creation in a niche you know nothing about

You’ve done your research and you know that an info product covering xyz would likely be a hot seller. The problem is, you know NOTHING about the topic. How can you very quickly and easily create a great product in this niche when you’re clueless about it? Simple: Go find some experts and interview themContinue Reading

How often should you email your list?

Everyone seems to have a slightly different opinion when it comes to how often to email your list. If you email too often – marketers argue – you’ll annoy people into unsubscribing. If you don’t mail often enough, subscribers forget who you are and you lose money from not mailing more often, etc. In factContinue Reading

Double Your Opt-ins

You work hard to get traffic to your squeeze page, and what happens? Half of them leave without giving you their email address. Why not take a second stab at grabbing those people? Use a pop-up box that appears when they try to click away, saying something like, “Wait, we have a video for you.”Continue Reading

Traffic with very little effort

Here’s an awesome traffic trick from Mike Stezlner of Social Media Examiner: Write a blog post asking your readers to nominate their favorite ___. You fill in the blank. It might be their favorite blog, favorite Kindle book, favorite video – whatever you choose. Tell them you’re doing the Top 10, so you can haveContinue Reading