$1 million for a suggestion box?


Under the heading of
“Why didn’t we think of this?” comes OwnerListens,
an anonymous online suggestion box
which has already raised over $1 million in funding.

OwnerListens lets customers anonymously communicate
suggestions to store owners.

And it has a built in viral quality to it
– customers can leave feedback for any business,
even one that is not registered with OwnerListens.

When OwnerListens gets feedback for a business
that isn’t signed up with them, they forward the feedback
to that business owner, along with an invitation
to join the OwnerListens service.


Customers can leave anonymous feedback
(which tends to be more accurate) and businesses get
much needed     honest ideas from customers.

Plus it gives disgruntled customers an avenue
to speak their mind privately, rather than posting
negative feedback on sites like Yelp.

This alone is huge, since negative reviews
can do real damage to businesses.

So what simple idea can you build upon
to create your own million dollar venture?

It could be as basic as a suggestion box…

And here is how you can go from idea

to actually making that million

Here’s to your making [[ th@t million ]]

Mr. Bold