Double Your Opt-ins


You work hard to get traffic to your squeeze page,
and what happens?

Half of them leave without giving you their email address.

Why not take a second stab at grabbing those people?

Use a pop-up box that appears when they try to click away,
saying something like, “Wait, we have a video for you.”

If they click to stay on the page, you show them a video
that (hopefully) convinces some of them to opt-in.

Why this works:
For whatever reason, your opt-in page
did not persuade them to join your list.

But your video offers them new information,
and based on that new information
people can make a new decision.

What if you already have a video on your opt-in page?
Then you might offer a second video that reveals a secret.

For example, “Wait – do you want to know how to
DOUBLE your conversions with one small tweak?”

You’ve got nothing to lose by utilizing this technique,
and more subscribers to gain.

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