This little secret can make you a lot of money


If you want to sell a lot of products,
you’ve got to know the pain
that keeps your customers up at night.

What is it that’s driving them to distraction?
What are they willing to pay to fix?

Common advice is to create a questionnaire on
Survey Monkey, and that’s a good tool.

The problem is, you’re only asking your own list or
your own visitors when you do that.

To get instant feedback from a wider range of people,
try this technique:

Go to Facebook and in the search bar
type in your market. On the left you’ll see a
breakdown for advanced searching.

Find the groups that contain the people
who are most likely to be your present
and future customers.

Join the group(s) and then create a poll or
survey to the group.

One of the nice features of Facebook is that
when you do a survey it announces it to
everybody in the group.

Your question should be something like,
“Hey, I’d like to ask a question:
What is your biggest challenge in ___ right now?”
Fill in the blank with your specific niche.

For Internet Marketing, for example, the question might be:
“What is your biggest challenge in getting targeted traffic right now?”

This is a fast way to get fresh feedback,
and it helps you to quickly discover
what your market wants right now.

And once you identify the pain,
here is how you can turn that into big money

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Here’s to your making [[ th@t million ]]

Mr. Bold