The Magic Headline Formula


Sometimes simple is just plain better,
as recently demonstrated by the Info Marketing Blog.

You already know that the right headline
can positively make your campaign,
while the wrong headline can doom it from the onset.

That’s why copywriters always tell you to test headlines
until you find the one that converts the best.

But wouldn’t it be great if you had a universal headline
that you could use nearly every time?

While this isn’t really magic,
it’s as close as you’ll come to finding a headline
that can work in nearly every situation
and out-convert any other headline 4 times out of 5.

Best of all, it’s easy to learn and simple to use.

All you need to remember are the two words,
“With” and “Without.”

That’s the formula in a nutshell:
Get this benefit without this drawback.

“Lose Your Ugly Fat Without Hunger Or Strenuous Exercise”

The problem with many headlines is that
while they offer a great promise of benefits,
they fail to address the assumed negative.

If you tell your reader they can lose lots of weight quickly,
the reader is going to assume they’ll have to starve
and exercise like crazy.

This renders the headline ineffective because
the reader assumes the worst, stops reading and closes the page.

But when you deal with the assumed negative right there in the headline,
the reader is relieved and anxious to know more.

The headline in effect tells the reader
your product comes with the benefits they seek
without the drawbacks they’re trying to avoid.

More Examples:

“Make A 22.5% Return On Your Money Without Risking One Cent Of Your Principle”

“Look 12 Years Younger Without Expensive Surgery”

“Get 51 Miles To The Gallon Without Sacrificing Leg Room
Or Power”

“Pay Off Your Debts In 7 Weeks Without Borrowing”

“How To Get Your Dream Home Without Credit Or Huge Payments”

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Mr. Bold