Traffic with very little effort


Here’s an awesome traffic trick
from Mike Stezlner of Social Media Examiner:

Write a blog post asking your readers to nominate their favorite ___.
You fill in the blank.

It might be their favorite blog, favorite Kindle book, favorite video
– whatever you choose.

Tell them you’re doing the Top 10, so you can have 10 winners instead of 1.
– require that every nominee must have at least TWO nominations
to be considered (or 3 if you’re ambitious.)

This ensures that your contest goes viral.

For example, if I want to nominate a blog and make sure it gets considered,
I’ll email or tweet someone else and ask them to hit up your site
and nominate the same blog.

To take this to the next level, get 3 well-known judges from your niche. These should be names most people in your niche easily recognize.

How do you get them?

Email them all simultaneously, asking them,

“Would you be willing to be a judge on a panel with expert #2 and expert #3?”

You’re using social proof to get them to agree,
and you are being completely honest at the same time.

Write a second post announcing the finalists
as determined by the judges.

You can even do a second round by having the judges pick 25 finalists
and getting your readers to do the voting.

Get custom badges designed for the top 10
that they can put on their websites.

Everyone loves recognition.

And be sure to place a link back to YOUR website in the badges.

(Clever, huh?)

You’ll get 10 happy winners plus tons of traffic and awareness.

Want an unstoppable flood of traffic and sales,

this is what you need

Here’s to your making [[ th@t million ]]

Mr. Bold